Hi. I'm Andrew Simnor.

I am a very energetic and enthusiastic individual who enjoys the creativity that life brings to all elements including those that seep into the online world. I offer PC and laptop computer repair in the town of Fakenham, Norfolk and provide a fast and professional service on all types of electronic devices from tablets to servers!

So where am I..

So where am I..

I work and live within Fakenham, Norfolk but also provide services within the surrounding area.

Location: 2a Oak Street, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 9DY | Tel: 07538690864

At simnor.co.uk I am devoted to providing reliable Computer Support to individuals that are either having difficulty with a faulty device
or perhaps seeking to upgrade their home PC or Network. From a simple one off call-out to ongoing monthly support
I provide IT services throughout Norfolk supplying computer support for Individuals, local business, Schools & Local Government.

Dedicated work makes happy clients.

Please feel free to browse my services and if interested? then let me know!
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